The Institute for Multi-Cultural Music Studies is an independent foundation based in the Netherlands with the aim of furthering the study of traditional musical genres and their performance context worldwide. In that way the institute wants to contribute to the science Jaap Kunst coined ethnomusicology and to the recognition of the importance and value of cultural diversity. 

The institute has its own research programme and functions as a production and publishing house be it in print, online or by using the audiovisual media. The institute was founded in 1999 by Fred Gales and Rein Spoorman as a non-profit organisation under the Dutch law.

 The focus of the institute is on the study of the musical inheritance of the former Dutch colonies in the Netherlands and the development of ethnomusicology in the Netherlands.

A new research programme on music and religion under the tentative title 'Calling back the spirits' and an area study on the music of the hill tribes and other minorities in South-East Asia is set up.



Instituut Multiculturele muziek Studies (IMS)
Elisabeth Wolffstraat 14 huis
1052 RR Amsterdam
Tel. ++31 (0)20-6124378