Muo remé—Dance of the cassowary
The Anceaux collection
Anthology of music from New Guinea #1 4013 KCD
While working as a linguist for the Dutch colonial government in New Guinea between 1954 and 1961 J.C. Anceaux recorded more than 400 Papua songs and musical performances, by far the largest collection of music from western New Guinea from that period. Many of these recordings are the only known examples of specific styles and cultures. The hardships that have fallen on western New Guinea since it became Indonesian have made recordings from the area rare and only very few have ever been published.
Focussing on the northern coastal area with which Anceaux was most familiar 27 tracks have been selected for the CD, varying from ballads and dances to funeral songs and music for rituals. A rare testimony of the richness and diversity of the musical heritage of the area.
Anthology of music from New Guinea #1 is produced in cooperation with the Institute for multicultural Music Studies (IMS). Liner notes by Fred Gales and Rein Spoorman. 70+ min. ADD. Digipack with 16-page booklet.


Dema - Music from the Marind Anim
The Verschueren collection 1962
Anthology of music from West Papua #2  RMP 4018
Dema is a CD with unique historical recordings of the Marind Anim of Southern West Papua. The once famous and notorious Marind Anim culture with its secret initiation rituals, colourfull Dema spirit processions and ritualized head hunting had almost disappeared in the 1960’s due to colonisation and missionary activities. One of these missionaries father Jan Verschueren made in 1962 a serie of recordings trying to capture as much as possible of the music accompanying the grand Dema processions, rituals and cults which once formed the highlights of the traditional Marind Anim culture. Having worked in the area since 1931, speaking fluently the language, the Marind Anim trusted him enough to allow him to record the secret initiation and head hunting songs. The 42 tracks on this CD give an overview of the recordings he made. Together with the wax cylinder recordings he made in 1933 these are the only existing recordings of the music. The text of the 20 page booklet accompanying the CD is based on the notebooks and publications of Jan Verschueren and is richly illustrated with rare historical pictures from Dutch archives.

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